Glengariff Philosophy

The Glengariff Group, Inc. is a full service research firm providing survey research, focus group research, dial test research, and one-on-one interviewing. The Glengariff Group, Inc. provides more than just research and numbers — we provide recommendations on how best to use your information.

Our Philosophy

At the Glengariff Group, Inc., we believe good research is not partisan. We believe good research is accurate. That is why we approach research from a non-partisan viewpoint — to better give our clients an accurate read on how people across the spectrum feel about a given issue.

We give our clients research that is unfiltered by any specific viewpoint except accuracy because we believe that our clients can do better work when they receive accurate findings and the whole story.

Rather than just bury you in numbers, we give you recommendations on how best to use it. Our goal is research that is accurate, statistically valid, low cost, and on time. We pride ourselves on always delivering on time and on budget.